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Your departure point.
Body percussion and screendance share a history of critical exchange and collaborative learning. Join us for upcoming special live stream screenings, Q&As with migration dance film performers, creators and collaborators, artist talks and other curated programs that invite you into our creative fold to experience the migration dance film trajectory. Landed.

The movement of people
around this planet widens
the circle of the past,
present and future,
radiating out to enclose
a larger area of resonance
between humans.


migration dance film project online workshops connect dancers, creators and filmmakers through a meaningful convergence between artists dedicated to adapting artistic practice to the screen. Rooted in the migration dance film philosophy of migration stories – movement through journeying – workshops invite intergenerational artists across culturally diverse communities with a focus on youth at the height of their discovery of arts practice to explore the intersecting processes of idea > dance > landscape > sound and how these constellations culminate into thematic films. Participants harness unexplored ways of thinking and approaching choreography and filmmaking, exploring how land and terrain inform choreography, and crafting the moving image into cohesive storytelling.

Watch this space to learn of upcoming workshops.

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Navigation is set in the breathtakingly stark Burren region of the West Coast of Ireland and dialogues with the land itself to explore how we pass over perilous terrain. While ten dancers cross the rocky landscape, themes of survival and perseverance, departure and renewal emerge in this reflection on the migration experience. As the movers find their way to the coastline they are joined by the Co. Clare-based Lismorahaun Singers, turning towards the vanishing point and what lies beyond.