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3 – a music lesson

In this sonic map, we delve into melodic and rhythmic structures that create circular motion. This a fun and easy dive into a different kind of listening while watching the migration dance film series.

More episodes for this series

1 – sound of circles

Musician Liz Knowles introduces sound of circles, a nine part cycle of reflections on the migration dance films.

2 – container for curiosity

Art can be a container for our curiosity. Liz discusses those creative vessels with the migration dance film creators, Sandy Silva and Marlene Millar.

4 – points of access

What are points of access and the notion of “slow reveals?” In this segment we unearth the creative process with Sandy and Marlene.

5 – tethering

In this episode we explore the body and how it is tethered through a tension that resides in layered spirals in composition and movement that keep choreography and landscape connected to one another.

6 – texture

This sonic map invites you to hear sound as arrivals, landings, and leavings and begin to perceive how circular motion is created through flow and sustain.

7 – landscape — part 1

We invite you into the spaces where Sandy’s choreography moves. Deeply connected to sound and landscape, this sonic map explores the idea of spatial language of the bodies as topography.

8 – landscape — part 2

We explore the connections between landscape and migration — including the simultaneous joy and sorrow intimately linked with arriving and leaving. This sonic map weaves its trajectory of landscape, migration, and environmental awareness.

9 – grief and growth

In this last segment, Liz reflects on the notion that grief and growth are tied together in a cyclical conversation.